so this links page is mainly for links that ill use in the future or something,
ill also use this for links i wanna share or like websites i visit frequently, something like that
tldr, you guys get to see links, be happy i have some idea of what im doing lol

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  Cool Sites  
there are a couple of cool sites ive stumbled across and theyre going to be under the "cool sites" tab
what am i braindead
oh also the links are buttons/images so u can just click them
just know that im not responsible for anything that happens on those other site okbyeee

AIM phoenix

OMG ok so check this cool ass site out, its called wiby and you're able to like browse old net sites ,a lot of them are just http and not https so you can view them on old browsers that are not compatible
with todays websites, which means i can look at old webpages in my windows 98 virtual machine! super cool site you should
definetly check out if u wanna feel like youre using a computer in the 90s
heres the button thingy

okay so heres another cool site that i found its called
its pretty neat, and it allows you to view old versions of newer websites! awesome!

check it, if you make a forum account on this website and change the server host on AIM clients
(which you can download from the site)
you can use any version of aim u want and you can talk to people on it as well!
isnt that awesome!?
anyways, u can use AOL instant messenger, just like follow the steps, you
can search it up online if u need to
(add me on aim there! my screen name is bluejay023)
(i had to make this button so sorry if it doesnt look that good)

photomosh dreamhost!
i used this website to edit a couple photos of
me on the about.txt page, its a good website for editing photos
with some pretty cool effects! be sure to check it outtt
i use this web hosting service, its not too expensive for
a custom domain, and the plan i chose gave me a cool
custom email, which i linked up on the top of this page, but i highly
recommend  dreamhost if you want a custom domain!
(p.s. thank u lulu for exposing me to this webhosting
service, saw it on their site along with the button they made, be sure to
check them out!, theyre the first button linked on the personal pages)

Personal pages! 
here ill put buttons to a lot of sites i find cool while web surfing, a lot might be from  because neocities makes it
really nice and easy to set up a little part of the internet for you, you should definetly check it out if you dont want
to suffer and find a web hosting service like i did, at least i found a decent free one (,
but i changed to a paid one ( because i wanted a cool custom domain
here you go :3
vvv buttons go here vvv

[] [] [] [] []

Learn anything!
with the appropriately named , you can
tell it is a website that i found is really cool
you can input any real thing and learn how to do it, it gives you
relevant resources and helping links to help teach yourself anything you want, i learned a bit of
css and html there, so it is helpful! definetley check in out some time