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Friday - 5/27/22 11:47 AM
update again again!
my friend dario remade fnaf so
i will put it on here
im thinking of making a games section on my links page
could be a fun little thing
that means i have to relocate the seeecret
pacman game
anywho nothing big today, just making a small update
stay safe out there!

Thursday - 5/25/22 11:55 AM
update again! feeling better
after i lost the camera now, so i have
the motivation to make a web update,
im doing this in class right now and
totally not ready for that lol
but we did graduationrehersals yesterday and were doing them
throughout the week, its annoying but its so we
dont mess up on graduation because apparently that happens?
i have a band performance today too so thats kind of exciting :)
anyway feels good to be back on the website making changes and whatnot

i added a seeeecret page with games
like html games, nothing big, just embeds because im lazY
it will have links for games as well
nothing much, but juts an update to let you know that im back!
stay safe out there!

Thursday - 5/17/22 10:06 AM
web update!
what. is. going. on!
did some work on the high school page and made some minor edits to the videos
page heh
little heads up, the high school page doesnt ALWAYS work on other platforms
i kinda developed all the pages according to my screen which has kind of a weird
size (2736 x 1824), its because i use a microsoft surface
for my website developing
little weird stuff but yeah, just thought i'd mention it
because i am too lazy to fix it atm lol
yesterday i got my audio interface!
i dont know how to use it yet, but i can record my electric
guitar through it which is exciting
because now i can make full covers for songs
and/or make songs who knows
also i updated weekly music thing :3
(one more thing, i fixed the mood indicator)
anyway have a good day, see you all later!
stay safe out there!!

Thursday - 5/12/22 12:53 PM
i thought this deserved more than just a status
update so i put it in website updates but
woohoo! i will resume website updates now
so there will be new stuff on the site
but yeah! im cleared for graduation and
i finished all my AP tests
i am freeeee
you will see some updates today hopefully, if there
are i will update this little log as well
so update in the update
i started work on a new page >:3
as well as adding a new seeecret page
alongside that, i updated this page a bit so its not broken anymore
and i also updated the music page with the weekly top 5 as always
AND i also updated high school page, made it a bit more
readable, added some photos, along with some descriptions and peopleee
anyway i feel like today is gonna be a good day
so take care and as always
stay safe out there!

Wednesday - 5/3/22 12:53 PM
Updated songs of the week for today, also later im going to
add some minor edits to the high school page, on top
of that, im having an idea for a new videos (or two)
and i have a lot of clips for the videos as well
hehe its fun making videos, i just need the timee
today in my class i was just stuck dicussing for like 3 hours
because of testing, i had to be with like the teacher
i hate the most for like SO LONG
it was also in the morning so it felt longer
anyway I did my first AP exam yesterday and i have
my next AP exams on monday and wednesday next week
im out for now, have a goood dayyyy
stay safe out there!

Wednesday - 4/27/22 9:53 AM
small web update todayyy
added more photos and info the the frieds thing in the highschool
page, pretty neat but i still gotta get permission from peopl
to put them on there LOL
that might be why you see question marks throughout
the table there
on another note, added a new link in the links page, and also fixed
a couple behind the scenes issues ALSO
i started work on the music page!!!
im excited for it, im thinking ill do like
top 5 song of the week for it, and ill also put songs i like there, i have ideas
but i need to get them down and see how they function so i can decide
whether i like it or not, but i think the page is gonna be good
oh i also added my web email to the links page, so feel free to
shoot me an email, ill probably respond, why? because i feel like it lol
    my senior trip is on friday! and i dont have school thursday lol
im chillinnnnnnn
well peace out for now! if i have time later i might update but as always
i dont think i will lol
stay safe out there!

Tuesday - 4/26/22 8:10 AM
fixed my practically destroyed html file lol
i found a way to center this div so now it should be in the
middle always, and on top of that i also centered the yesterweb
widget above this, now this index page is finally where i want it to be
still a clusterfuck of stuff but looks neat, to me
im not feeling to well so all i did was edit a bit of this html and
some of the html throughout like 5-6 files
i basically did like the bare mininum to consider for an update but
not feeling 100% so its fair
stay safe out there   

Saturday - 4/23/22 11:43 AM
hey everyone, not a "big" update per say
i migrated files to a new paid domain
now that i know what im actually doing
i didnt mind getting a domain name that i liked
so i went with jacobonline.net
hope u guys like the new change
it also came with my like
thats so cool
also the old link will have a notice for like a week
about the change of domains, and then ill get rid of it
and then find a way to remove it from
yesterweb ring, anyway
peace out and
stay safe out there!

Friday! - 4/22/22 8:27 AM
heyo! good morning and good friday everyone!
so i finally decided to put the update logs into a text box so the page
wouldnt be such a lonnnggg page
i also gave it a nice little border and background
to help distinguish it from the the rest of the page
look at me being such a cool webmaster
i also added an imood thing so thats pretty cool, its under my status
i also changed the page visit counter to a unique visitor counter
because i didnt feel like i deserved the number 270 on a counter lmao
thats it for this update for now, ill do some later if i have the time
i probably will, so keep an eye out for the friends page >:)
have a good friday everyone! peace
and as always on the internet
stay safe out there!

Thursday - 4/21/22 10:05 AM
i updated the internet page, fixed its scrollbars
and added some youtube videos as well
im learning how tables work so things can format properly on devices
other than computers lol
high school page is up and running and very unfinished because
i havent started working on it, but you can see the framework (literally hehe)
i need permission from a lot of my friends if theyre fine with me putting
photos of them on my website :3
hopefully theyll let me because i wanna have a big list of
them there
just for me really but ya
i added a new cool thing ot the links page at the bottom, and i also
updated the cool links part with a table so it looks a bit better now
and it doesnt have you infinitely scrolling down
ending this update log, i might add more if i have the time later
but i dont think i will
peace out everyone!
stay safe out thereeee!

Tuesday - 4/19/22 8:41 AM
web update!
i finally figured out how to style the little update text, alongside that
i also added a much more prominent yesterweb ring embed because
i felt the small one at the bottom wasnt the best best best idea
on TOP of that i also added a new visit counter (woohoo)
internet page has gone under new development again, this time i think
it is going to be for good, the last two times i had
lost the actual html file so i had to remake it every
single time, regardless, the page is coming along
i decided to push an update out because i was bored
in class and wanted to do something
(i finished my work early)
oh oh also im working on a new video for the videos tab
i couldnt decied on a song but i couldnt so ive decided im gonna
mix a bunch of song, not like mix them all in
like make them transition into each other
kind of like a bunch of small videos in one big video(?)
we will see. anyway this is a good website update i think
i did a good amount of work on the site and im loveing it as always.
also im working on the friends page soon, some of them
 will have the status.cafe
thing so they will be able
 to make little updates on their small profiles hopefully
obviously only if they wanna lol
internet & friends page under development
and the video in progress
see you guys soon! :)
and as always on the internet
stay safe out there! 

Monday - 4/11/22 5:50 PM
sorry for no website updates recently, ive had a lot of work
for school and uni enrollment for classes
a lot is going on
but i have updates planned for the site and
i also have some ideas for videos and such, anyway
just a quick update on the site to
let you guys know whats going on
stay safe out there!

Tuesday - 4/5/22 9:40 PM
happy birthday nyan cat!
on that same note, the internet page has replaced the
music page once more and the first internet video i put there
was nyan cat lol
adding more old viral videos i can find and remember
currently stressing hard on an assignment i have for
one of my classes so i decided to push out this small little
update to the site and clear my mind for a sec
also im eating food atm so thats helping also
another thing
my girlfriend pointed out that i use commas so there is some
grammar in these updates
so now im not going to use commas anymore
have fun reading all of this as a wall of text lol
no more site updating
baack to schoolwork
goodnight :)
and stay safe out there

Monday - 4/4/22 7:29 AM
weekend is over
i went to go visit the university im going to
embry-riddle, that was fun :)
i got a sweastshirt too, but the campus looks
nice and im excited to go
were in the 4th quarter of the school year so im graduating soon!
anyway ill try to work on the site a bit, might not the much this week
as i have a lot of stuff to do regarding school
and college stuffs so yeah
the only thing i plan on doing is adding a quick
update status thing via status.cafe so ill be doing that over the week
itll be under the internet tab because i need to put more there
so yeaaaaaa
i hope to have time to update more though
stay safe out there!

Thursday - 3/31/22 8:55 AM
-added guestbook webpage thingy it works now lol
-added a page vist counter because thats awesome
-internet page in development

im being stared at by someone sitting next to me
help me please help me
help m

anyways, website development is going prettyyyy well
leaving for daytona tomorrow which is fun, i get to skip friday
in school hehe
also i think the comic sans font now works on macOS and iOS??   
i saw it work on my friends laptop
but i think it does work

but yeah all i did was add the guestbook page, the internet page
has started development, and i have plans to start working on the photos
page, with photos i took of course (scoff) anyway yeah i didnt do much today
also i added a couple gifs and stuff around the site, and a new button
or two in personal pages in links

Wednesday - 3/30/22 11:38 AM
WOOOO i had to redo and remake the entire homepage site/index
file because i SCREWED IT UP like a genius
im so smart, anywho i got approved for the
yesterweb ring which means you can browse other site kinda like mine!
pretty cool, it also means people could end up on my site which is pretty awesome
this website is still under SEVERE construction so it wont be done for a while, but
soon i rly wanna add a guestbook
anyway you can scroll to the bottom of this page to see the little webring buttons
the "???" is for a random site in the ring, and the "<<<" and ">>>" are
for the previous and new website in the ring, pretty cool stuff
anywho i put that at the bottom of this page and on the links page as a bigger version
also i didnt get to do what i wanted to yesterday (see below) so that will
get done eventually
thank you for visiting and stay safe out there!

Tuesday - 3/29/22 8:10 AM
march is almost over! 2 months till graduation and then im out of
highschool for good, i hope LOL, i really gotta finish this online class on time, that
is what im working on right now, and what i have been working on for an hour
at this point, but im taking a quick little break and just updating the site a bit
i have plans for adding a seeeecret page today, so that will be fun to look
for, and i also wanna finish up that links page,  theres a handful of more things i want
to add there but it just takes time, i also need to finish findiing cool personal sites
on like neocities and stuff, just so i can fill in that 5x5 area i made for those buttons
BECAUSE I WANNA, anyway lol. plans today are to make secret spage, finish links page,
and hopefully maybe start the photos page, i have some nice photos ive take that i wanna share
alrighty! im off for now, i might update this little log later ocvering what i did
who knows
stay safe out there on the internet! and dont forget to be happy today

Monday - 3/28/22 8:14 AM
so im literally in my cybersecurity class while updating mywebsite because
who cares! and i sti in a corner anyway se he cant see what im doing so
i wont get in trouble hehehe, anyway so today on "site construction" (tm),
im working on the links page! hooray! i dont know how useful ir useless
its going to be but i like the idea of it so im just gonna roll with it, and if it
turns out to be completely pointless, ill turn it into just like a bunch of photos
of cats maybe idk
ill probably put youtube links there or something, i will find out what to do with it
anywho, this is gonna probably be todays update and thats it,  oh oh also friday i dont
have to go to school because im going to visit the college im gonna go to so hoorayyy
thats gonna be fun, speaking of school again, i have an online class i need to finish in
2 months so time to kick it into high gear, so you might not see as many
updates on this page for a little bit
i will still try but there wont be as many
okok i have to get back to "class" and "focus"
stay safe out there!
oh also i got my camera back!

(p.s. minor update at 10pm
i got a videos tab working as well!)

Sunday - 3/27/22 2:54 PM
so the first time i was typing this update, my computer
fucking crashed, isnt that nice? anywho ill just rewrite this
but not as long as it was before so maybe it was a good thing
today is the last day of spring break and it was fun
got t ohang out with my girlfriend and it was nice
i had shake shackk so that was really good, ill put a picture of
the receipt in photos or something sometime
but no updating the website today, just a daily update because
i only have like 30 mins to be on technology because no one is home at the moment
regardless it was a fun break and im looking forward to summer and
being more social maybe
also i left my camera at school last friday so ill need to go get it tomorrow
morning hopefully
thats all for today, have a good day and be safe out there! :)

Monday - 3/21/22 6:15 PM
so i accidentally deleted all the updates! go me!
anywho, i think i finished the about me / about
website button, it isnt much, but there isnt
supposed to be much there in the first place anyways lol
i think this site is coming along well, but only time will tell
i didnt mean for that to rhyme by the way
im so cool
ok anyways have a good day, stay alive on the internet
have fun
stay safe out there

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