the site  
welcome to my site :)
this is the product of my need to be part of
something i never will be, or maybe this counts?
who knows
this site has been up and running since like
march 17th 2022 so its pretty new in the interwebs
regardless, this site is just for me to shitpost and make a
bunch of random stuff, while learning HTML
and whatnot
oh and this page specifcially might not always look right, maybe ill
fix it sometime in the future, the the page serves its purpose
for the time being

this website is gonna just kinda be a big shitpost, and i dont know if i mentioned that previously but yeah, its basically my mind in website form. i hope you enjoy :)

sidenote, old internet is cool, i like using old operating systems and i love looking at old software and things of that nature


this site, and all little "subsites" or whatever u wanna call them, was mainly inspired by old internet things like geocities
all that stuff if cool so i wanted to feel like im part of it
(even though im not), and i know i couldve used something like
neocities to make the website to have a full webring and whatnot
but i kind of wanted to learn html and understand how this is
made so yeah